Learn how to make an application accessible via a custom domain name

You can specify one or more hostnames for an application. Galaxy will make the app available on those hostnames. These hostnames can be on a custom domain, or can use the Galaxy-provided, domains and; for the US East, EU West and Asia-Pacific regions, respectively.

When first deploying

When first deploying specify the hostname through the command line: meteor deploy [hostname] --settings path-to-settings.json

Once your app is successfully deployed to Galaxy, configure your DNS to make the hostname accessible. Galaxy-provided meteorapp hostnames are automatically configured for you.

If you want to change the primary hostname of your app then deploy a new app at the designated hostname. Once that’s deployed, you can safely delete the old app. meteor deploy [new_hostname] --settings path-to-settings.json

Included domain

Galaxy allows subdomains on for use by any app deployed to Galaxy.

For apps deployed to Galaxy’s US East region, deploy to <custom.subdomain>

For apps deployed to Galaxy’s EU West region, deploy to <custom.subdomain>

For apps deployed to Galaxy’s Asia-Pacific region, deploy to <custom.subdomain>

Adding additional custom domains

You can access the same app from multiple domains by adding custom domains. Practically speaking, this means you can add as many additional domain names as you want to an existing app.

To do this, navigate to the Domains & HTTPS section of your app’s settings page and add new domains via the user interface.

The domain must be one of the following:

  • A fully qualified domain name such as
  • A wildcard domain name such *

If you specify a wildcard domain, then all requests will be routed to that app.


  • This host domain is already in use on Galaxy The specified domain is being utilized by another application on Galaxy. Deploy your application to a different domain name, or write in to if you believe you have the rights to the name.

  • hostname: Requested domain contains invalid characters. The specified domain name has invalid characters. Domain names need to consist of lowercase letters & numbers. The top level domain can only be lowercase letters. Remove the offending letters, and try again.

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